1.0 Corporate Mark
The Orica mark has been designed to strategically position Orica as a world class, dynamic company. The following guidelines have been prepared to ensure that the Orica mark will be presented consistently across a wide range of applications.
The Orica mark consists of two elements which must always be used together. The spatial relationship between the two elements must always remain the same.
The Orica mark is available in two configurations only (horizontal and vertical).
When reproducing the vertical and horizontal logos at small sizes the following specifications must be adhered to. Any variations must be approved by
Investor Relations.
The Orica mark is most effective when surrounded by as much uninterrupted space as possible. The examples below show the basic formula for calculating the miminum clearspace and can be used as a guide to determine the clearspace for all sizes. Additional clearspace, outside the minimum requirement is desirable and sometimes required for particular applications.
Wherever possible the Orica mark should be reproduced using Orica Blue and Orica Navy (PMS Process Blue and PMS 282). PMS colours are used for all stationery, signage and other two-colour work.
If full colour reproduction is not possible out of solid PMS colours, then four-colour process equivalents may be used.
The closest web-safe colours are also shown in the table below.
  Orica Blue Orica Navy
Pantone PMS Process Blue PMS 282
4 Colour Process C: 100
M: 13
Y: 1
K: 3
C: 100
M: 82
Y: 10
K: 64
RGB R: 0
G: 136
B: 206
R: 0
G: 33
B: 71
Hexidecimal 0088CE 002147
When reproduced as full-colour, the logo must always appear on a white background.
It may also appear on a stippled background of less than 10% of either Orica Blue, Orica Navy or black.
When reversed as full-colour, the logo must always appear on an Orica Blue background.
One colour versions of the Orica logo may be used when either full-colour or four colour process reproduction is not available.
When one-colour reproduction is necessary, the logo may only be reproduced in either Orica Blue or black. No other colour variations are acceptable.
When reversed as full-colour, the logo must always appear as white only
Orica staff members can also download logos from the Orica Globe.
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